Pressure Washing

Restore the beauty of your home’s Siding, Decks, Fencing, Concrete and Brick surfaces with our power washing and gentle “soft washing” process.

Soft Washing Techniques

High powered, industrial grade power washers pump a large volume of water/cleaning solution at a low pressure in order to saturate the house without damaging it.

Soft washing techniques use cleaning solutions to clean your home rather than high pressure water used in pressure washing techniques. This allows a more thorough cleaning to be achieved and ensures your home will not be damaged by the cleaning process.

We use a mix of Sodium Hypochlorite and a surfactant to remove any organic growth and dirt on your home. While in high concentrations our chemicals can be toxic, we dilute the mixture as much as possible and take extra precautions to ensure your plants are protected and healthy.

Before & After Power Washing

How To Prepare

  • Move objects: Ensure that all objects that may be in the way or be at risk of being damaged by the cleaning process are moved to a safe location prior to our arrival.
  • Close windows and doors: Please confirm that all windows and doors are closed and sealed.
  • Keep pets inside during the cleaning process and refrain from letting them out for an additional hour after the cleaning is performed as there may still be some chemicals that have yet to neutralize.
  • Provide a water source: Have at least one external water source on and accessible.
  • Adult present: An adult of 18 years or older MUST be present during the cleaning process.

Power Washing Cost

Each cleaning job is unique and costs will vary depending on the size of the project.
Please complete our contact form below to schedule a free estimate.

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